Juicy couture bags you may be well-versed in

   Juicy couture bags you may be well-versed in but have you seen the luggage is higher than a man? Keeping up with of your bag can be open-minded people to it our body to feel its inner world?November 19, 2010, London's Selfridges department shop display an about four meters of the giant Juicy couture (Juicy couture) bags, this can be a largest ever with the bag.    This giant bags consuming five months, using identical material, be copied magnified 15 times is very large, all the info identical with the original bags, one for reds for the bag opened a The little door for customers access to, providing you wish, it is easy to type in the small door staged an "Alice package roaming mind.The prototype belonging to the bags can be an installing the saddle bag, and then from the thirties of 20th century Moroccan Princess Kelly's favorite, Kelly Princess regularly used this bag to bar the pregnant belly, president of Juicy couture side to a eureka moment, This bag is known as with the bags.    Now,Juicy couture bags happen to be created to over 200 sorts of styles, for example the eight size of 15-50 cm, the creation of materials covers the crocodile skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, pigskin, leather, canvas together with other materials around 20 kinds. every item of bags are required to you will find 680 hand - needle sewn, 16 Hardware accessories and 36 rivet decoration, production the of which will need to handle the craftsmen of your a to to pay 20 hours production to carry out, this is basically the the a symbol of on the an ***urance of quality and luxury.

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