Juicy couturebags is usually a hand-embroidered

No mattter Spring warm or bright summer, I and more discover how to enjoy life pro ought to go towards the beach profiting from the arrival of spring and summer, towards outskirts of the picnic, go travel globally. Holiday trip of course, a number of fashion to accompany the line products. Juicy couture "objects" 2012 summer and spring accessories well good spring and summer holiday picnic theme, so you're on christmas, picnic,  travel in addition they did not neglect the fashion show ahead of people.

     Accessories early in the year and summer 2012 series colour of Juicy couture"objects" for the main summer and spring main colors red, yellow, blue, green, color contrasts, the structure is very smooth. And the lifetime of among the many art a part of both the lifestyle of fun and useful, such as tone of fame and fortune "seaside Falanduoer Dance, the Normandy seaside resort from the landscape brightly lit with a picture; picnic handbag, rattan weaving  calfskin using a simple yet stylish suit should design highlight the rustic flavor; embroidery canvas with natural cowhide crafts outing package of color with bright embroidery designs about the package.

     Juicy couturebags is usually a hand-embroidered, meticulous and possesses a temperament the discharge of furniture, jewelry, including chess sets, automatic pencil, of Swift, calf calfskin diary juicy couture boots, harness washing bucket, leather chairs, simply fashion stationed in all of parts of life.Fashion-how can let take a look at neglect the some travel on holiday outing, do not forget the beautuiful scence that your juicy couture presented. Juicy Couture, focus both comfort and fashion, setting off a sense of sporty luxury. Its design is fun, practical and sporty, emphasizing both comfort and fashion; color or bright vivid colors, or Yat sunlight, to make sure that all of the time you are able to see the youth. JUICY COUTURE orange mayonnaise bag playing 70's casual style, sweet and soft modeling invincible.

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